• Roped Up

    «Roped Up» (Encordés) Director Frédéric Favre For one and a half years, filmmaker Frédéric Favre follows three ski mountaineers as they prepare for the Patrouille des Glaciers, an incredibly tough race across the Swiss Alps. Florence wants to take part in memory of her father, but she is not used to engage in a team. Guillaume is […]

  • «Let The Old Folks Die» by Juri Steinhart

    Kevin lives in a time and place where everything is permitted and accepted. He wants to rebel – but against what? A tragicomedy about youth gasping for air in a cotton-candy world. A gen- eration seeking a reason for its malaise and a way to shed the boredom – only to discover, at most, its […]

  • The Energy Miracle

    «The Energany Miracle» by Samuel Stefan Until the year 2050 the world’s population will have reached the 10 billion mark. The global energy demand is increasing drastically. «The Energy Miracle» portrays two very distinct men, who are convinced that their ideas will contribute to solving humanity’s most challenging problems. The American entrepreneur James Ehrlich strives […]

  • Spira Mirabilis

    Spira Mirabilis (2016) Directors Martina Parenti & Massimo D’Anolfi In an abandoned theater, French actress Marina Vlady recites from Borges’ classic short story “The Immortal” … Japanese research scientist Shin Kubota sings praise to Turritopsis dorhnii, the jellyfish capable of incessantly rejuvenating itself … the workers of the 600-year-old association to maintain Milan’s Duomo subject the cathedral’s […]

  • Dream girl

    Dream girl (2012) Director Oliver Schwarz For most of his life, Dirk has been searching for the woman of his dreams. After several failed relationships and a burnout, he finally seems to have found the love of his life, Jenny: the perfect match at first sight – but somehow fundamentally different… The short film ‘DREAM GIRL’ […]

  • My own boss, at last

    My own boss, at last (2011) Director Jeanne Berthoud In Switzerland over 50 new companies are founded per day. Three out of 10 enterprises don’t survive their first 2 years. Jonas is planning to conquer the market with his design object, Roger opens up a biking shop and 9 farmers produce body lotions and shower gels […]

  • Flying High

    Flying High (2015) Director Roman Droux Twelve young and gifted alpinists, five geologists from the University of Lausanne and four top-notch mountain guides dare a unique expedition in Patagonia. On behalf of the researchers the young alpinists get rock samples from the up to 1000-meter high granite spires of the Paine-Massive. The impeding challenge for the […]

  • Lady Mercedes

    Lady Mercedes (2007) Directors David Fonjallaz, Simon Jäggi, Louis Mataré In Bern, Sylvia Leiser has been working for 35 years in her car as a prostitute.  She is known as „Mrs Mercedes“, her car and working place being a Mercedes. She has been directly confronted to the mutation which took place in the underworld: Brothels have been […]

  • Gossenreiter

    «Gossenreiter» is the unconventional portrait of the Bernese architect Kurt Moritz Gossenreiter who died in 2007. Gossenreiter lived his life to the fullest, always exploring and inventing, always following his dreams without compromise, and always speaking his mind.


    One of them quit coke only after he had looked death in the face. The other thinks he can control his consumption and wants to keep taking coke – up until his dying day if possible.

  • Cyclic

    Caroline has finished her education as a journalist but is struggling with the idea of working in an office from now on. Raph is not intending to quit his passion at all but feels that this self-exploitation has to come to an end. Matila is just about to begin his new job and to discover […]

  • Ich

    The man leads a simple, content life. Up until the day when he discovers a signpost at his local park which has the word ‘park’ written on it.

  • Point Zero

    Three young dropouts live a secluded life in an abandoned mansion. However, their dream of freedom seems over. A pregnancy and the pending issue of paternity put their friendship to test. They have reached the point of decision. The point of no return. Point zero.

  • Spooky & Linda

    It was meant to be just a light-hearted adventure: After long years behind walls, Spooky and Linda escape from their psychiatric institution to breathe some fresh air in the outside world. Spooky wants to invite Linda for lunch in the restaurant he often went to as a child.

  • The Mindful Revolution

    It sounds like the perfect antidote to our hectic lives: less stress, better concentration, increased productivity. No wonder mindfulness meditation has become an attractive addition to the boardroom agenda for global giants like Google and SAP. Backed up by science, it seems an increasing amount of organisations are turning to mindfulness to help develop their […]

  • Wild Oases

    Let us change the world: This is what I promised to my inner wild horse. But it did not yet happen and I am slowly but surely reaching adulthood. However my horse doesn’t want to become a square horse far apart from dreams.