Flying High (2015)
Director Roman Droux

Twelve young and gifted alpinists, five geologists from the University of Lausanne and four top-notch mountain guides dare a unique expedition in Patagonia.
On behalf of the researchers the young alpinists get rock samples from the up to 1000-meter high granite spires of the Paine-Massive.
The impeding challenge for the mountaineers is massive: Severe bigwall-climbing, unsettled weather, stormy winds wearing ropes and nerves – and a disaster that brings the group to its emotional limit.

“Höhenflug” not only documents an extraordinary project, it is a genuine rendition about what can happen after every meter climbed: the fall.

Type Documentary
Production country Schweiz
Production year 2008
Shooting format HDV
Screening format DCP
Duration 52 Minutes
Language Swiss-German, French
Subtitles French, German
Sound format Stereo
Author & Director Roman Droux
Director of Photography & Sound Roman Droux
Editing Roman Droux, David Fonjallaz
Production Lomotion AG
Producer Louis Mataré
Ueli Steck, Nina Caprez, Samuel Anthanmatten, Matthias Barendengt, Lukas Baumgartner, Thomas Bossert, Mattia Cavargna, Bastien Darbellay, Andrea Fankhauser, Christian Fascendini, David Fasel, Anita Kolar, Jürgen Michel, Sébastien Pochon, Benita Putlitz, Aaron Richiger, Simon Riediker, Michel de Saint-Blanquat, Christian Joke Schmidheiny, Lucile Seydoux, Annina Walther, Ralf Weber

Höhenflug Plakat