Gossenreiter (2015)
Director Marcel Wyss

What will remain of us when we die? Which anecdotes or memories will outlive us? This unconventional portrait of the deceased Bernese architect Kurt Gossenreiter is an attempt to answer these questions. No idea was too crazy for this uncompromising character. His insatiable drive scandalised many, but his courage continues to inspire beyond his death.

The film embarks on a journey to seek personal as well as philosophical facets of Gossenreiter’s past. His children’s, friends’ and companions’ memories, together with film recordings from his extensive archive, make up a shimmering collage: stories of friendship, existential fear and transience. Passages from his diary are interspersed through the narrative, examining the price that must be paid for such a restless way of life.

«Gossenreiter» explores questions of meaning that we all have to face providing space for reflection while powerfully illustrating the importance of our individual dreams.

Type Documentary
Production country Switzerland
Production year 2015
Duration 85 Minutes
Shooting format HD 1080 – Prores HQ
Screening format DCP
Language Swiss-German, German
Subtitles English, French, German
ISAN 0000-0003-F7B5-0000-O-0000-0000-2
Author & Director Marcel Wyss
Producer David Fonjallaz und Louis Mataré
Editing Marcel Wyss, Katharina Bhend, David Fonjallaz
Director of Photography Louis Mataré
Sound & Sounddesign Balthasar Jucker
Mix SDS Sound Design Studios AG, Felix Bussmann
Music Balthasar Jucker, Julia’n Sartorius, Colin Vallon

Marcus Signer, Anna Gossenreiter, Moritz Gossenreiter, Franz Gertsch, Maria Gertsch, Sandro Zimmermann, Christoher Burri, Sepp Reinle, Daniel Bäumlin, Lotti Signer, Jens Langsch, Viktor Hirsig, Andreas Furrer, Christoph Stuber, Michael Neuenschwander, Martin Schwarz


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