My own boss, at last (2011)
Director Jeanne Berthoud

In Switzerland over 50 new companies are founded per day. Three out of 10 enterprises don’t survive their first 2 years.

Jonas is planning to conquer the market with his design object, Roger opens up a biking shop and 9 farmers produce body lotions and shower gels made from homegrown primary products together with a biologist.

The documentary accompanies them for two years. Be it to fulfill a long-standing desire or an entirely new challenge – they are all bold enough to head for a new direction. Hopes and wishes are confronted with reality. Success is followed by moments of disillusion and doubt; a rollercoaster of uncertainty. Is this really what I dreamt of? Is it worth the austerity? Am I strong enough? And: Will I make it at all?

A spirited, witty and thought-provoking reflection on the world of small-scale businesses in Switzerland: the basis of Swiss economy.

Type TV-Documentary
Production country Switzerland
Production year 2011
Duration 52 Minutes
Shooting format XDCAM HD
Screening format HDCAM
Language Swiss-German
Subtitles German, French
Director Jeanne Berhoud
Author Jeanne Berthoud nach einer Idee von Louis Mataré
Producent  Louis Mataré
Co-producer  Redaktion DOK, SRF / Pacte
Director of Photography Louis Mataré
Sound Olivier JeanRichard


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With financial support with


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