The Mindful Revolution (2015)
Director Samuel Stefan

It sounds like the perfect antidote to our hectic lives: less stress, better concentration, increased productivity. No wonder mindfulness meditation has become an attractive addition to the boardroom agenda for global giants like Google and SAP. Backed up by science, it seems an increasing amount of organisations are turning to mindfulness to help develop their business model.

In this film, director Samuel Stefan dares to take a look behind the façade of this revolutionary corporate phenomenon to reveal a series of burning ethical issues about the values of our economic system: Is mind- fulness a way for businesses to simply enhance their profit margins and increase productivity? Or does this revolution offer an opportunity to change the way our businesses operate, creating a more equal and fairer society?

From Buddhist monks to entrepreneurs, business managers to inflamed critics; «The Mindful Revolution» offers a critical insight into the growing influence of a modern spiritual phenomenon.

Type TV-Documentary
Production country Switzerland
Production year 2015
Duration 58 Minutes
Shooting format HD
Screening format DCP
Language Englisch, German, Swiss-German
Subtitles English, French, German
ISAN 0000-0003-F9A0-0000-J-0000-0000-H
Director Samuel Stefan
Producer Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz
Co-producer SRF Sternstunde Religion / Pacte
Author Samuel Stefan, Nick Oakley
Director of Photography Nick Oakley
Sounddesign Nadja Gubser
Editing Mirjam Krakenberger
Music Samuel Baur
Cinema-Mix SDS Sound Design Studios AG, Felix Bussmann


In co-production with

Redaktion: Christa Miranda, Urs Augstburger


With financial support of