In Progress

In production

  • The Miracle of Almeria

    Moon Blaisse, Belgium / The Netherlands / Switzerland, Documentary

  • Antier Noche (Nights gone by)

    Alberto Martin Menacho, Switzerland / Spain, 2023, Documentary, 106 min.

In development

  • Alpha

    Jan-Willem van Ewijk, The Netherlands / Switzerland, Feature Fiction

  • Puppen und Krieger (AT)

    Lisa Blatter, Switzerland, Feature Fiction

  • Bestiari, Erbari, Lapidari

    Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti, Italy / Switzerland / France, Documentary

  • Offline (AT)

    Jury Steinhart, Switzerland, Feature Fiction

  • Omamah in der Welt (AT)

    Ralph Schmid, Switzerland, TV-Documentary

  • Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) (AT)

    Jacqueline Zünd, Switzerland, Feature Fiction

  • The Fighter

    Juri Steinhart, Switzerland / Germany, Feature Fiction