In Progress

In production

  • My Old Man

    MY OLD MAN (AT) von Steven Vit Over a period of three years, filmmaker Steven Vit follows the transition process of his father Rudy from working life into retirement: From his last business trip, to the first day in retirement, through the crises and challenges in the relationship with his wife Käthi, until the day Rudy […]

  • The Miracle of Almeria

    Moon Blaisse, Belgium/The Netherlands/Switzerland, Documentary

  • Zimmerwald

    Valeria Stucki, Switzerland, Documentary

In development

  • Alpha

    by Jan-Willem van Ewijk Nature takes over when Ben (24) and his father Willem (52) decide to join a group of professional snowboarders to a remote mountain, bringing out their hidden grievances, silent connection and deep instinctual drive to help each other survive. Credits Directed by Jan-Willem van Ewijk Written by Jan-Willem van Ewijk Production […]

  • Puppen und Krieger (AT)

    Puppen und Krieger (AT) by Lisa Blatter Credits Directed by Lisa Blatter Written by Lisa Blatter Production Lomotion (CH) Producers Magdalena Welter, Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz With the financial support of

  • Offline (AT)

    Offline (WT) by Juri Steinhart Ruben is unhappy because his parents have separated. When one day, a mysterious stranger makes him an offer, he jumps at the opportunity: With his mobile phone he beams himself into the past – a time before smartphones – where he tries to fix his parents’ love. Credits Directed by […]

  • Omamah in der Welt (AT)

    Omamah in der Welt (AT) by Ralph Schmid Credits Directed by Ralph Schmid Written by Ralph Schmid Production Lomotion (CH) Producers Magdalena Welter, Louis Mataré Cinematography Felix von Muralt

  • Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) (AT)

    Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) (AT) von Jacqueline Zünd Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) (AT) is a delicate drama about the fragility of relationships in a post-digital world. Credits Directed by Jacqueline Zünd Written by Jacqueline Zünd and Arne Kohlweyer Production Lomotion (CH) Producers David Fonjallaz, Louis Mataré   Mit finanzieller […]

  • Nights gone by

    Alberto Martin Menacho, Switzerland / Spain, Documentary

  • The Fighter

    Juri Steinhart, Switzerland / Germany, Feature Fiction