by Gitta Gsell

Talented swimmer, motivated apprentice, cool buddy: Beyto is in the midst of life, with a bright future ahead of him. One would think. But when the only son of a Turkish migrant family falls in love with his coach Mike, an ideal world falls to pieces. In shock and ashamed, his parents only see one way out: Beyto must marry in order to save face and tradition. They lure him to their home village and plan his wedding with Seher, his childhood friend. Suddenly, Beyto finds himself in a disruptive love triangle: How can he get back to Mike without destroying Seher’s future? A subtle, summerly sensuous love story about three young people by Gitta Gsell.

Directed by Gitta Gsell
Written by Gitta Gsell
Countries of production Switzerland / Turkey
Language German / Swiss German / Turkish
Production Lomotion AG
Producers/td> Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz
Co-Production Sulaco Film GmbH (Basel)
Co-Producer Peter Zwierko
Cinematography Peter Guyer
Editing Bernhard Lehner
Music Ben Jeger
Sound Design Tobias Koch, Peter von Siebenthal
Sound Balthasar Jucker
Production Design Roger Grisiger, Veli Kahraman
Costume Design Leonie Zykan, Melis Atinc
Makeup Artis Jean Cotter
Burak Ates
Dimitri Stapfer
Ecem Aydin
Beren Tuna
Serkan Tastemur
World Sales
Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH
Worldwide Distribution
Frenetic Films AG (Switzerland)
Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH (Germany)

Festivals (Selection)

  • Zürich, 16. Zurich Film Festival, 24.09.2020 – 09.10.2020
  • Solothurn, 56. Solothurner Filmtage, 20.01.2021 – 27.01.2021
  • Bozen, Bolzano Film Festival, 13.04.2021 – 18.04.2021
  • Boston, 37. Wicked Queer, 09.04.2021 – 18.04.2021
  • Miami, Outshine Miami & Fort Lauderdale, 22.04.2021 – 02.05.2021
  • Toronto, Inside Out, 27.05.2021 – 06.06.2021

Awards (selection)

  • Solothurn, Prix du Public 2021

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With the financial support of