The Fighter
by Juri Steinhart

Jan Brunner (26) lives a life of seclusion, in the company of his cows in the alps. He is a mountain of a man and teems with boundless strength. His restrained nature and childlike facial features provide a stark contrast to his intimidating stature. Stifled by his uncle since early childhood, Jan has never been given the chance to thrive.
This abruptly changes when Selma and Tarik enter his life. Tarik, the big-city hustler from Hamburg is wallowing in debt and seeks refuge with Jan on the alp. And as a mixed martial arts coach, Tarik can’t help but immediately hone in on Jan‘s potential of becoming a fighter in a sporting discipline which knows almost no rules.
Through Tarik, Jan in turn discovers new sides to himself. When a storm hits his farm and he loses everything, Jan decides to follow Tarik to Hamburg. This is how Jan‘s adventure commences. An adventure that will take him from the Swiss Alps to Ontario, turning him from a peace-loving swinger wrestler into a brutal MMA fighter. But Jan’s real journey is an internal one: Thanks to Tarik and Selma, he learns to open up his heart and that ultimately, his newfound self-confidence is worth much more than his physical strength.

Directed by Juri Steinhart
Written by Juri Steinhart
Production Lomotion AG
Producer David Fonjallaz, Louis Mataré


  • Migros Culture Percentage Idea Competition, Winner 2018 for the development
  • SSA (Société Suisse des Auteurs), Grant 2018 for the development

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