by Christian Wehrlin

Four European truckers meet at a rest area when news interrupt the cosy atmosphere: Italy has closed the borders for Eastern Europeans. Suddenly, two of the friends are unable to continue their journey. The search for a solution puts the group’s strength to the test and the rest area becomes the centre of European politics.

Directed by Christian Wehrlin
Written by Christian Wehrlin
Countries of production Switzerland
Language German / Polish / English / Spanish / Romanian
Production Lomotion AG
Producers Magdalena Welter, Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz
Cinematography Meret Madörin
Editing Marcel Wyss
Sound Design Felix Bussmann
Robert Mika (Pawel)
Peter Jecklin (Beat)
Antonio Buil (Alejandro)
Vlad Chiriac (Dorin)

In co-production with

With the financial support of