von Steven Vit

Over a period of three years, filmmaker Steven Vit follows the transition process of his father Rudy from working life into retirement: From his last business trip, to the first day in retirement, through the crises and challenges in the relationship with his wife Käthi, until the day Rudy begins to adjust to his new life.

It is a journey that takes us to three continents and immerses us in unique worlds of contrasts, be it the bustling city of Tokyo, the skyline of Shanghai, the vast Canadian wilderness or the Swiss Alps.

Directed by Steven Vit
Written by Steven Vit
Production Lomotion AG
Producers Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz
Cinematography Steven Vit
Editing Katharina Bhend
Technical Information
Shooting Format HD
Exhibition Format 2K DCP
Planned release Spring 2022

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