My own boss, at last (2011)
by Jeanne Berthoud

In Switzerland over 50 new companies are founded per day. Three out of 10 enterprises don’t survive their first 2 years.

Jonas is planning to conquer the market with his design object, Roger opens up a biking shop and 9 farmers produce body lotions and shower gels made from homegrown primary products together with a biologist.

The documentary accompanies them for two years. Be it to fulfill a long-standing desire or an entirely new challenge – they are all bold enough to head for a new direction. Hopes and wishes are confronted with reality. Success is followed by moments of disillusion and doubt; a rollercoaster of uncertainty. Is this really what I dreamt of? Is it worth the austerity? Am I strong enough? And: Will I make it at all?

A spirited, witty and thought-provoking reflection on the world of small-scale businesses in Switzerland: the basis of Swiss economy.

Directed by Jeanne Berthoud
Written by Jeanne Berthoud
World Premiere May 2011
Original Version Swiss-German
ISAN 0000-0002-CB4F-0000-M-0000-0000-8
Production Lomotion AG, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Producer Louis Mataré
Executive Producer Louis Mataré
Cinematography Louis Mataré, Steff Bossert, Daniel Leippert
Editing David Fonjallaz
Location Sound Mix Olivier JeanRichard, Balthasar Jucker, Marcel Wyss
Sound Editing David Fonjallaz
Rerecording Sound Mix Peter Von Siebenthal
Music Niklaus Hürny, Witusenand
Technical Information
Picture Format Colour
Shooting Format XDCAM HD
Exhibition Format HDCAM, 52 min.
World Sales / World Rights
World Rights Lomotion AG
Worldwide Distribution
Distribution Switzerland Lomotion AG

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