The Maddock Manifesto
by Dimitri Stapfer

It all begins in an empty theatre. In search of a manuscript that is supposed to change the world, Ben embarks on an odyssey. He encounters a flying fish, a telephone without a dial, an oracle called Enigma and a mystical canine figure in a deserted mountain landscape – reality and desires become inextricably intertwined on his visually stunning journey.

With “The Maddock Manifesto”, Dimitri Stapfer (director) and Benjamin Burger (book and acting) create an intriguing cinematic trip – a modern fable about loneliness and the desire for change.

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Directed by Dimitri Stapfer
Written by Benjamin Burger
Countries of production Switzerland
Original Version German / English
ISAN 0000-0005-F64C-0000-D-0000-0000-Z
Production Lomotion AG
Producers Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz
Production Manager Magdalena Welter
Cinematography Simon Bitterli
Editing Wolfgang Weigl
Music Hans Flimmer
Sound Design Peter von Siebenthal
Benjamin Burger (Ben)
Clarisse Mialet (Hundegestalt)
Filmbringer Distribution AG (Switzerland)

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With the financial support of