Antier Noche
von Alberto Martin Menacho

Hunting takes place in the countryside of southern Extremadura during the cold winter months. Ana (20) and Juan Luis (25) are a young couple in charge of leading the dogs in this ritual event. For some time, Ana has been thinking about leaving her town for the capital. The two must negotiate the terms of their relationship and whether or not they want to stay together. Martín (11), Ana’s younger brother, is growing up in a rural environment alongside the violence of nature. A rupture in the present may evoke the memory of a fracture between an old world on its way out and an emerging modern one.

Directed by Alberto Martin Menacho
Written by Alberto Martin Menacho
Production Lomotion AG, Mizunonaka (ESP)
Producer Louis Mataré, David Fonjallaz, Pedro Collantes