«The Energany Miracle» by Samuel Stefan

Until the year 2050 the world’s population will have reached the 10 billion mark. The global energy demand is increasing drastically. «The Energy Miracle» portrays two very distinct men, who are convinced that their ideas will contribute to solving humanity’s most challenging problems.

The American entrepreneur James Ehrlich strives to re-invent urban planning through community driven living in so-called „ReGen Villages“. The former Swiss ETH-Professor Hansjürg Leibundgut however pursues technical innovation and a change of mind on a political level.

What unites the two great minds is their commitment to fight for a sustainable future. While being underfunded, they both depend on selling their ideas and finding strong investors. This task takes a toll on both of them, but they are assisted by bright young minds, who share their passion and are prepared to accept their inheritance.

«The Energy Miracle» follows these two unique individuals at a pivotal point of their projects where they can either succeed splendidly or fail unnoticed. A film about obstacles, crises and the power of an idea.

Genre Documentary
Country Switzerland
Year 2016/2017
Duration 53 / 75 Minutes
Production Lomotion AG
Producers Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz
Written by Samuel Stefan, Nick Oakley
Directed by Samuel Stefan
Production format 2K
Exhibition format DCP
Language Deutsch, Englisch