Point Zero (2012)
by Oliver Schwarz

Three young dropouts live a secluded life in an abandoned mansion. However, their dream of freedom seems over. A pregnancy and the pending issue of paternity put their friendship to test. They have reached the point of decision. The point of no return. Point zero. «Point Zero» is a visually uncompromising short film about the thin line between freedom and responsibility. A trip to the mental and bodily pain threshold.dadurch alles verliert.

Directed by Oliver Schwarz
Written by Oliver Schwarz
World Premiere October 2012
Original Version Swiss-German (german / english / french subtitles)
ISAN 0000-0003-352B-0000-Q-0000-0000-X
Production Lomotion AG
Producer Louis Mataré
Cinematography Andi Widmer
Editing Oliver Schwarz
Location Sound Mix Janosch Röthlisberger
Sound Editing Jascha Dormann
Sound Design Jascha Dormann
Rerecording Sound Mix Jascha Dormann
Music Jascha Dormann
Composition Johannes Hartmann
Art Direction Sara B. Weingart
Lightning Christian Knorr
Costumes Nina Mader
Diana Gatani
Roland Bonjour
Dimitri Stapfer
Technical Information
Picture Format Colour
Shooting Format HD
Exhibition Format DCP, 12 min.
World Sales / World Rights
World Rights Lomotion AG
Worldwide Distribution
Distribution Switzerland Lomotion AG


  • shnit, Bern (CH), 10/2012
  • Sardinia Film Festival, Sassari (I), 06/2013

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