The Fifth Share (2016)
by Moïra Pitteloud

A group of five cousins meet again after several years as they have to decide what to do with the family’s mountain shelter they inherited. A tale about mistrust and exclusion, set in the Swiss alpine forests.

Directed by Moïra Pitteloud
Written by Moïra Pitteloud
Original Version French (german / english subtitles)
ISAN 0000-0004-3800-0000-H-0000-0000-N
Production Lomotion AG, Master Cinéma HES-SO ECAL / HEAD
Producer David Fonjallaz, Louis Mataré
Cinematography Leandro Monti
Editing Maria Gans
Location Sound Mix Janosch Röthlisberger
Music Adrien Kessler
Adrien Barazzone
Emmanuel Martin
Océane Court-Mallaroni
Roland Vouilloz
Steve Van den Bosch
Technical Information
Picture Format Colour
Shooting Format 2K
Exhibition Format DCP, 13 min.